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ADS-1S PC-Based Universal Fault Code Diagnostic Scanner

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V2019.9 SDC4: http://www.autoobd.de/producttags/2019.9-153093.html
45cm*35cm*18.5cm     ( Zoll: 17.72*13.78*7.28 )
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ADS-1S is a Full-line vehicles fault diagnostic scanner system, which is based on pc desktop and laptop platform. It can test cars manufactured in Asia, America and Europe countries. It supports all kinds of vehicle communication modes.
ADS-1 All Cars Fault Diagnostic Scanner

Kaufen ADS-1 All Cars Fault Diagnostic Scanner Jetzt für 9 Gründe:

1. PC requirement:
Operating system: WIN98/2000/XP
Internal memory: 512M
2. Online automatic update service. Free for one year.
3. We update the software every week.
4. Compatible with your PC-Cut hardware cost
5. High price-performance ratio
6. Anti copy function——security
7. Strong function——recording and playing back
8. Two diagnostic ways: wireless and wired. Wireless distance can reach to 20 meters.
9. ads-1-fault-diagnostic-scanner-supported-model-list.pdf

ADS-1S Beschreibung:

Data analysis supports full election and optional two modes.
Dynamic data supports recording and playing back function.
Software is compatible with WIN98/2000/XP operating systems.
Can test various vehicles from Asian, European, American countries.
Hardware is compatible with all kinds of pc, both desktop and laptop.
Supports a variety of automotive communication protocols including CAN bus.

ADS-1S Technische Parameter:

Work voltage: 12V
Power: 5W
Ambient temperature:-20°C-40°C
Relative humidity: Less than 90%

ADS-1 Packliste:

1.Diagnostic Adaptor:

changan& SUZUKI

2.Communication Equipments:

Smart box
Min box


Main Cable
Power Supply cable
Cigarette cable
USB Cable
Battery Clamp
Fiat & Daihatsu



ADS-1S Fault Code Diagnostic Tool Related Pictures:

V2019.9 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis Plus Second Hand Laptop Lenovo X220 I5

V2019.9 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star mit Lenovo X220 I5

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Technischer Service

ADS-1S PC-Based Universal Fault Code Diagnostic Scanner Supported Models List and FAQ
ADS-1S PC-Based Universal Fault Code Diagnostic Scanner FAQ

Q: Which is the best windows to run ads-1, Windows xp or Windows7.
A: You 'd better use Windows XP.

Q: Is ADS-1S compatible with Os Windows7 and also usefull for cars like Audi, Volkswagen and all Skoda vehicles?
A: yes ,this tool could compatible with windows 7
And could do fcars like Audi, Volkswagen and all Skoda

Q: Support French version or not .
A: Sorry it doesn't have French verion ,only English .

Q: ADS-1S in this product wat are the warranty if we got any technical problem in this product or we struck in operating to operate how you can explain or pracitcal you can tech us?
A: This product is in warranty.
If you have some problems ,we can  support technical serivice ,if possible ,we can do teamviewer for you.

Q: Does ADS-1S diagnostic tool for cars works with all car brands and models?
A: It can test most cars manufactured in Asia, America and Europe countries

Q: will ADS-1S work on my nissan navara?
A: Yes,you can have a try.

Q: ADS-1S PC-Based Universal Fault Code Diagnostic Scanner is can be used in programming such as idle relearn, crankshaft variation relearn, programming keys, and any special fucntion in this package?
A:  this product is mainly for fault code diagnosing, so the function you refered maybe not contain!

Q: What sotfware or which diagnostic equipment or tool is compatible or good to use with citroen c5 2006?
A: You can use lexia-3 to have a try. But i can not confirm if it can do your car 100%.

Q: Can this product reset airbag codes and any other codes in any car?
A: ADS-1S PC-Based Universal Fault Code Diagnostic Scanner (SP97) can clear the airbag fault code but not reset airbag codes.and we have the support car list on our website,you can donwload it yourself.