BSL100 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader Support EDC17 And Tricore

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BSL100 Infineon TriCore-Boot-Reader Unterstützung EDC17 Und Tricore nimmt direkten Zugriff auf Prozessor und EPROM-Speicher der ECU über einen dedizierten Port wie der BDM-System.
BSL100 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader Support EDC17 And Tricore
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BSL100 Infineon TriCore-Boot-Reader Unterstützung EDC17 Und Tricore Beschreibung:
Commonly named as bootmode this port is the Infineon pendent to the Motorola/Freescale BDM port. In contrast to the BDM port, whose pins only have this purpose, the bootmode is done over one of the CAN busses of the processor.
Because new assembled ECUs are programmed over this port, Bosch has put it on a 14 pin pad array. It looks like the BDM port but works completely different.
To put the processor into the bootmode a modification on the printed circuit board is necessary. This modification depends on the type of the processor and so the type of the ECU. In the most simple case one pin of the processor must be connected to ground. Therefore a contact needle with a wire and a tripod is attached to the system.
The power is also supplied over the probe, but is spite to the BDM system the voltage is not manually switchable but automatically controlled by the DS17.
BSL100 Infineon TriCore Boot Reader Support:
1pc  x BSL100 Infineon Tricore Boot Reader
1pc x USB Cable
1pc x Power Adapter
4pcs x Adapter and cables
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