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ED100 Motorcycle Scan Tool 6 in 1 Handheld Motor Diagnostic Tool

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The ED100 is a handheld MOTOR scan tool with large LCD display and solid design. ED100 is extremely used friendly and designed for anyone to use, not just the automotive professional. As an easy and economical investment, ED100 is good for the do-it-yourself or beginning technician.

Handheld Motor Diagnostic Tool ED100 Motorcycle Scan Tool 6 in 1 With LCD

Top 9 Gründe für den Kauf Handheld Motor Diagnostic Tool ED100:

1. Reliable quality.
2. Can be updated online
3. Provide diagnostic functions to multi-brands motors
4. All the accessories can be replaced with high quality.
5. Stronger and more durable than most equipment on the market
6. Large LCD display with high resolution and clear fonts, easy to read.
7. Small size, light weight and easy-taken,easy operation and quickly reaction
8. Can provide detailed and complete diagnostics functions and maintenance description.
9. With CANBUS chips inside, no need for any additional interface, you can meet the needs of future development

Motor Diagnostic Tool ED100 Beschreibung:

This scanner can diagnose SYM, KYMCO, YAMAHA, PGO, SUZUKI, and Hartford.(mostly for low CC, like 125)

ED100 Funktionen:

1.   System Information
2.   Data stream
3.   Read DTCs
4.   Clear DTCs
5.   Freeze data
6.   CO Idle speed adjustment

Multiplexer Parameters:

Power: DC 10-15V
Working Current: 250mA
Screen: 160×105 LCD display
Keyboard: 6 membrane keyboard
Storage Temperature: -10°C-85°C
Operating temperature:0-70°C
Humidity: <90%
Upgrade port: USB Port
Communication port: COM port
Ports: diagnostic port, COM port, USB port, Power port.


Q: Can ED100 clear engine system trouble code?
A:  Yes, it can, we have tested.

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