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FGTech Galletto 2 Master EOBD2 V51 BDM-TriCore-OBD, this new system developed with high-speed USB2 technology is the fastest and most secure product on the market, it is easy to install and use by anyone.
The system comes complete with all Cars, Trucks, Traktors and bikes.
Now it support BDM-TriCore-OBD function.

FGTech Galletto 2 Master EOBD2 V50 BDM-TriCore-OBD

Holen Sie sich jetzt für 4 Gründe:

1. Freies Verschiffen über China-Pfosten ohne Zollgebühr
2. Hardware Version: the newest version V50
3. Software Version: 2012 version
4. This is master version. It can support BDM-TriCore-OBD now.

(MPC5xx - EDC17 - Infineon TriCore - ST10Fxx - OBD2 (K-CAN)

Boot Mode System TriCore

Infineon Tricore Sak TC1766
Infineon Tricore Sak TC1767
Infineon Tricore Sak TC1792
Infineon Tricore Sak TC1796
Infineon Tricore Sak TC1797


Freescale MPC 5553/5554/5565/5566 NEXSUS PORT New IAW MJD 8F2 - Mair 8GMF
New Delphy DCM3.5xx DCM3.7xx TRW
Motorola Freescale MPC 555/556/561/562/563/564/565
Motorola MC 68332 - MC YQQCU - MC 68377 Trionic 5/7/8 GM-OPEL-SAAB
Motorola MC 68376 Campi 01 Lamborghini - Lotus
Motorola MC 68336 MEMS D5 ROVER
Motorola ZC 439615 - ZC 439507 IAW FIAT - VAG
New Line OBD protocols VPM GM - Hummer-Corvette-Munstang-Blazer-Cadilac
New Line OBD protocols Tx-Rx - Subaru - Mitsubischi - Hitachi - Denso ecu
All EDC17 MED17 is good always modify with Boot Mode tricore.

Automatic Checksum

All old protocols included from Bosch MExx / EDCxx / Marelli / Siemens / Delpy / Lucas / Denso
Boot Mode C167x / ST10, Boot Mode Infineon Tricore With password Bosch , Siemens
Motorola MC68332 - MCYQQCU - MC68377 , MC68376 , MC68336, ZC439615 ,ZC439507
Motorola Freescale MPC 555/556/561/562/563/564/565
Freescale MPC 5553/5554/5565/5566
BDM Tricore.

5-30V Car / Industrial Vehicles, L line / K line KWP, CAN
Can Bus V2.0 50Kb > 1000Kb
Rx Tx RS232,
RS 485,
Automatic setup Pull up K-L line 250, 500, 1000 ohm,
Automatic setup termination Can bus 0, 60,120 ohm

Master Version
Recovery Mode Completa
Funzione scan tool per eliminare i DTC
Function scan tool for erase the DTC
Controllo tensione di batteria auto in tempo reale
Check tension of battery car in real time


FG TECH Galletto New system programming

Fgtech can't support program ECU by BDM?

Now all FGTECH include BDM function, this instruction is for those customer who bought FGTECH long time ago.

Change the three chip with red circle into original HC14D, as the following picture shows.
BDM function-change three chips

FGTech Galletto 2-Master EOBD2 language available: Italiano, English, Deutsch, Francais, Espanol,  Portugues, Czech, Turkish
FG Tech Gattletto 2 master ebod2 Language


The system comes complete with all Cars, Trucks, Traktors and Bikes.

New Boot Mode System Tricore Infineon Tricore Sak TC1766, Sak TC1767 *new Infineon Tricore sak TC1792,TC1796,TC1797,TC1767

READ / WRITE New BMW by OBD2 port

The interface work with this Operating System:
Windows 2000
Windows XP 32 e 64 bit
Windows Vista 32 e 64 bit
Windows 7 32 e 64 bit

When you use the software, please close your anti-virus software.

Vehicle list please download from our website.

FGTech Galletto 2 Master EOBD2 Software screen show:

 FG Tech Gattletto 2 master ebod2 Software Screen

FG Tech Gattletto 2 master ebod2 Software Screen
FG Tech Gattletto 2 master ebod2 Software Screen


FGTech Galletto 2 Master EOBD2 FAQ:

Q: So installieren Sie die Software von FGtech

A:  Kopieren Sie die Software auf der CD auf den Computer.

Q:  Schließen Sie das Gerät und Leistung (oder Auto)

A:  Installieren Sie den Treiber, führen Sie den eobd2.exe

V2019.12 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis Plus Second Hand Laptop Lenovo X220 I5

V2019.12 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star mit Lenovo X220 I5

1. Pfosten, 10-17 Arbeitstage, keine Zoll meist.
2. YANWEN Express, 7-10 Werktag, ohne Zoll.
3. DHL: 5-7 Werktag, mit Zoll.

Finden unsere Web auf eurer Telefon:
m.Autoobd.de QC code
Für Fragen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter:
Telefon: +86-13559259264
Whatsapp: +86-13559259264
Skype: AutoOBD.de
Email: sales@AutoOBD.de

Technischer Service

FGTech V50 FAQ

Q: When install CD, there is no FGTech_DOWNLOAD_UPDATE.exe and FILE SETUP.EXE. I can't to install the FG TECH.
A: Yes, the folder FGTech_DOWNLOAD_UPDATE.exe is empty, because the FGTECH v50 can’t support update. There is no SETUP.EXE but replaced by EOBD2.exe software, click EOBD2 means to run the software.
But for the first time, you can’t open EOBD2.exe, you need to install FG fix tool
How to install FG fix tool? You can check the FG Tech Fix video.

Q: After I start eobd2 file, it comes with error message "low voltage".

A: Please do as the following steps:
1. Start eobd2 file, it shows "low voltage"
2. Pleasse do not close the software
3. Connect the car and the device again, then the voltage will be OK.

FGTech BDM function

1.When you open the FgTech software, you will see the tip as the following picture shows you, then you just need to click " OK "

2. On the screen to select the car model, choose BDM\JTAG, and then click " OK "

3. Select " Connect "

4. After the communication between ECU and the fgtech software, select " Read All "  " Read ext flash "  " Read Eeprom "

5. Attention for the power adapter connection and BDM cable connection, make sure that you don't connect it oppositely, Or it will damage the ECU.

6.Attention for the BDM ECU cable connection, can not make mistake for the cable color, please be carefull.

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