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MB Star Compact C4 is the lately updated professional diagnostic equipment for MB cars manufactured after year 2000. It is more compatible than Mercedes Benz star C3,and it can do all the works what Compact3 does.
Software version is V2015.3

V2015.3 MB Star compact C4

Kaufen  MB Star compact C4 Jetzt für 3 Gründe:

1. 2015.3 software

2. Mit Z-TEK USB to RS232 Cable, passen für alle Computer, ohne dass COM-Port. But it will be best if your computer has com port, .
You can also buy our dell d630 together, we will install the dell d630 hdd on the computer for you, so that you can use it directly when you get it.

3. FAQ(HDD Usage Tips)

Mercedes Benz Star MB Star compact C4 Beschreibung:

MB Star Compact-4 is the lately updated professional diagnostic equipment for Mercedes Benz cars manufactured after year 2000. It is much difference in the shape from Compact3 and smaller in size, lighter in weight than Compact3.
MB Star Compact-4 C4 2009 can do all the works what Compact3 does and it is the replacement of Compact3-Star.
MB Star C4 operates based on the Windows XP system, which includes workshops information system(WIS system), the movement management system and the automatically diagnose system(the DAS system) .
MB Star C4 2008 STAR works with original computer (COMPACT3) via both of RS232 and 485 protocols. Power can be supplied to original computer (COMPACT3) via the cables.Compact3 star can diagnose varied cars, trucks, buses of Mercedes Benz making.

Mercedes Benz Star MB Star compact C4 Spezifikations:

1. MB Star C4 has two version of hard disk. One version of hard disk is required to use on IBM T30. Another version of hard disk can fits all type of computer.
2. MB Star C4 has rs232/485 interface, which can connect with touch screen and also common screen.
3. MB Star C4 can work in the voltage of 12V/24V.
4. MB Star C4 can supply power to the computer by Power Cable.

Mercedes Benz Star MB Star compact C4 Paketliste:

1pc x C4 Multiplexer
1pc x 14 pin Connector
1pc x 16 Pin Connector
1pc x OBD2 Cable
1pc x 4 Pin Cable
1pc x 14 Pin Cable
1pc x Communication Cable
1pc x 38 Pin Cable
1pc x Z-TEK USB1.1 to RS232 Convert Connector

mb star c4 accessaries


V2020.03 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis Plus Second Hand Laptop Lenovo X220 I5

V2020.03 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star mit Lenovo X220 I5

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Technischer Service

MB STAR C4 No Connection How to Do?
HDD Usage Tips:

1. If you use external HDD, please make sure you close your anti-virus software when running the software, otherwise software will be broken
2. If you are using internal HDD like DELL D630 HDD, please do not install new softare on our hard disk, also please do not change our software, in case software been damaged.
3. If you set up the password for our software, please do remember the software.

Wie man
die Sprache für die Mb-Stern C4 ändern?

MB STAR C4 No Connection How to Do?-Sharing from Customer

During remote control, we found that the car is not started, but actually the car is started. NO CONNECTION.
Possible reasons: Maybe not connect with the device well, or the vehicle doesn't offer ignition  power for device.
Solution for the customer's vehicle:
Vehicle: made in 2009.
Reason for this vehicle: As this vehicles should be can protocol, if use gateway, ignition signal, it is wrong, so no connection for the vehicle. And aslo when do self-diagnostic, no ignition signal.
Solution from the customer: do via 166 gateway, manually enter vin number, then it can do the vehilce succesfully.  Make sure your ignition is on, then manually enter vin number.
Why customer think his car is can bus protocol
: there is an interface which seems like use CAN protol. For vin number, the vehicle should have an obd2 interface, but his car doesn't have it.
He also has dismantle the insulating sleeve outside the wire of diagnostic interface, then found cable 5, cable 4 and 5 are brown, cable 6 is gray with white stripe, cable 14 is grey, cable 16 is red. So he judges that it is can bus protocol, there is no ignition singal in these cables.


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