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Original OBDSTAR X-100 PRO X100 PRO (D) Type

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1) Hand-held scanner, no need PC
2) Programming keys in immobilizer units on vehicles
3) Support software online update
X-100 PRO D Type

Language: English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese
Top 4 Reasons to Get X-100 PRO

1) 100% Genuine OBDSTAR. Updated on official website free for 1 years! Update fee after one year: 79 USD/year.
Official website: www.obdstar.com

2) D configuration. Including Odometer adjustment+ OBD software

3) X100+ updated version
Including x-100+ all the matching function and add new software function in X-100 PRO

4) Vehicle Coverage: Porsche, Benz, VW, AUDI, Ford, Chrysler, Skoda, Seat, GM and others

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What is the difference between OBDSTAR X-100 PRO and XTOOL X-100 PRO?

1) Both are genuine key programmer. Made by different factory.
2) Both support online update.
3) OBDSTAR X-100 PRO support EEPROM function, if you want to use this function, you need to buy EEPROM adapter item number SK164-D. While XTOOL X-100 PRO does not have this function.
4) OBDSTAR X-100 PRO does not support Proton while XTOOL X-100 PRO support Proton.

What is the advantages for new X100 PRO compared with old X100+:
1) Inherited the overall look of the original X -100 +, changed the new silicone button, feel more comfortable
2) Adjusted the TF card slot position in mold, fit more tightly than previous generation, card plug will not go inside the machine
3) Software downloading speed is improved by more than 50%
4) New upgraded software operating system, added operating interactive prompt
5) High-capacity 4G TF card, more stable performance, never appear white screen
6) New design of PCB hardware, greatly improved configuration
1. New keys programming;
2. Reads keys from immobilizer’s memory;
3. New immobilizer programming;
4. New ECU programming;
5. New mechanical key number programming;
6. Vehicle Identification Number programming;
7. Reset ECU&reset immobilizer;
8. Easy to operate by the guided menu programming;
9. New remote controller programming;
10. Immo PINCODE reader;
11. Odometer ajustment(Via obd);
12. With full and strong database for the most important vehicle makes;
13. Upgradeable via web-based download;
14. EEPROM Chip read;
X-100 PRO English Version Configuration
Configuration(C): IMMOBILISER+ OBD software
Configuration(D): Odometer adjustment+ OBD software
Optional configuration(E): EEPROM adapter
Configuration(C+D):IMMOBILISER+ odometer adjustment + OBD software
Packing List:
1pcs x X-100 RPO main unit;
1pcs x OBDII-16 connector;
1pcs x HONDA-3 connector;
1pcs x HYUNDAI/KIA-10 connector;
1pcs x KIA-20 connector;
1pcs x Main Cable;
1pcs x TF Card;
1pcs x TF Card Reader;
1pcs x X-100 PRO user’s manual;
1pcs x EEPROM Adapter
Autel IM608 OBD2 OBDII Diagnostic Scanner Engine Tool ECU Key Coding

Autel IM608

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