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ANTHONY PLESSIS   Oct 16, 2017
Hi could you send me the activation file for my computer;
Many Thanks !
Reply #1:  by Essie    10/16/2017 9:07:05 PM   Hello,
good day!

I have sent it to your mail via, please have a check.

Ulf Steckling   Oct 14, 2017
Hello *,

if I start ista-p then there was a message that says the application needs a valid key, please paste your serial number below.
the Hardware ID is: 79A9-2E06-18D9-C3D7
The message box ask for:
user: ??
serial No.: ??

thanks for helping me

Reply #1:  by Essie    10/15/2017 7:03:49 PM   Hello Mr. Ulf,

sorry to hear it. I have confirmed with our technician:

1. please take a photo of the HDD serial number and the error message which tells you need to activate, and then send to

2. please make sure the computer time is the current time before you take photo and use it.

3. please make sure there is ONLY ONE System on your computer when you use it and take a photo.

Thorsten Kleinteich   Oct 12, 2017
Guten Tag
Ich brauche hilfe, ich bekomme XENTRY nicht zum Arbeiten.!
ist es moeglich support via Team Viewer zu bekommen.
Reply #1:  by Essie    10/12/2017 8:51:28 PM   Hello Mr. Thorsten,

could you offer me your order number?

Mr. George Kleinakis   Oct 12, 2017
i have read all the list so i took my answers, can you ship it with YANWEN Express to Greece or cyprus? if yes what do i have to do to ship it like this?
Reply #1:  by Essie    10/12/2017 8:53:19 PM   Hello,

good day!

As this one is free shipping via post, so if you need to ship via YANWEN express, it charges 19 EUR additionally.

Recommend post, free and also no tax.

Reply #2:  by Mr. George Kleinakis    10/13/2017 4:16:44 AM   Ok then, i have made my order #AD17101358098, please mark it as a return from service with zero value or below 17$, thank you
Reply #3:  by Essie    10/13/2017 9:06:17 PM   Hello,

good day!

For your order i have arranged the shipment for post, it is free post, no customs, so please take it easy. 

Robert Negoita   Oct 10, 2017
Good morning
I have not received my stick
Reply #1:  by Essie    10/11/2017 6:40:47 PM   Hello Mr. Robert,

good day!

For your pacakge, it is in local customs now, we have confirmed with the post customer service and they have feedback to their higher to deal with this situation, any news i will feedback you soon.

Deniz .Bilekay   Oct 9, 2017
Dear autoobd sellers thanks for the licens key thr program runs now yippie iam very glad

but i have now a conection problem with my vci device when i take it in my usb slot my computer says that there are no drivers for my tcp/VCI usb device

could you help me to fix this problem please??

and thanks for your perfekt support !!im very happy about your help!!!
Reply #1:  by Essie    10/9/2017 6:14:10 PM   Hello Mr. Deniz,

could you take a photo and send to

1. Does the device manager dectect your device?

2. Are there any reaction when you plug in and plug off the device?

3. Do you have another working obd2 cable which can be exchanged to check if ours obd2 cable work?

Deniz Bilekay   Oct 8, 2017
Hi dear autoobd sellers thank you for your answer my code is


how long it will take to send me the license.key for my installation?

thank you greetings mfg deniz bilekay
Reply #1:  by Essie    10/8/2017 11:04:23 PM   Hello Mr. Hans,

I Have sent it to your mail as the attached file

Deniz Bilekay   Oct 8, 2017
Hi dear autoobd sellers

i have a problem with my installation

i need the licenskey to run the main programm
Reply #1:  by Essie    10/8/2017 9:00:23 PM   Hello Mr. Deniz,

yes, please send us the code, we will send back the license.key to you.

Mr. Davide Pevarello   Oct 4, 2017
When the order will be shipped?

Reply #1:  by Mr. Davide Pevarello    10/4/2017 11:30:22 PM   Hello any news?
Could I get a reply?
Reply #2:  by Essie    10/6/2017 3:20:11 AM   Hello,

thanks for your order on our website firstly.

We were in National Day Holiday before, now we are back, we will arrange the shipment for you today, after we get tracking number, we will tell you soon.

Andreas Miller   Oct 1, 2017
I have buy a KessV2 5.017 with 2.23 software.
I becomes the KessV2 Modul, but i need the 2.23 Software.
Do You have a download link?

The Modul is coming without the CD, 2.23 Software.

My Order ID is: #AD17091556945

Reply #1:  by Essie    10/6/2017 3:19:41 AM   Hello,

how about resend you the cd?

Martins Jose   Sep 22, 2017
Ich habe zeit 3 tage die selbe Meldung beim tracking von niederlande zu luxembourg dauert nicht lange ist da ein Probleme mit der Paket
Meine Bestellung ist
Order Serial No.: AD17091856961
Order Date: Monday, Sep 18, 2017
Reply #1:  by Essie    9/24/2017 8:48:47 PM   Hallo,
bitte merken Sie bitte, dass erstmal es aus China ausgeliefert ist, dann nach Niederlande, also bitte warten Sie geduldig darauf. Es ist Post sevice.
Monika Boettcher   Sep 22, 2017
dear sir madam,

the shipping adress ist incomplete, please send shipment to:
Monika Boettcher
Drei Staemme 17
D-35576 Wetzlar

Thanks in advance
Reply #1:  by Essie    9/24/2017 8:53:22 PM   Hello Mr. Monika,

ok, we will send to your right address.

Have  a nice day!

Dominik Hell   Sep 17, 2017

I bought with them an ODIS v4.0 with article number SP33-C and I get it not to run. I tried it on Win 7 32bit and 64bit. Also on Win 10 64bit but the program does not start after installing. There is always only one error message that the program must be closed.

I would like to return it and my money again since I have tried it long now and it does not work.
Reply #1:  by Essie    9/17/2017 8:35:18 PM   Hello,
sorry to hear it.

Please take a photo of the error message, i will ask our engineer for solution for you soon. Please also take a photo of the lasered QC mark on the back of the unit. 

Please send the photos to

Best Regards
Sergej   Sep 12, 2017

Hello I only got Kess V2 of my order

Order Form Information
Order Serial No.: AD17090356886
Order Date: Sunday, Sep 3, 2017
Order Total Sum: 531.96
S/N Product Name Price Qty. Subtotal
1 Prima ECU im Sep. 2017 Neuestes V2.23 KESS V2 V5.017 Manager ECU Tuning Kit Master Version Keine Token Limitation für beide Auto und LKW Schiff aus UK
Item No.SE137
Color/Style:UKSE137 Schiff aus UK, ohne Zoll
Size/Spec.:It is out of stock now, please buy SE137-C as replacement 199.00 1 199.00
2 Prima ECU im Sep. 2017 Neueste V2.23 KTAG ECU Programming Tool Firmware V7.020 Master Version mit unbegrenztem Token Schiff aus UK
Item No.UKSE135-B
Color/Style:Schiff aus UK,ohne Zoll
Size/Spec.:- 145.00 1 145.00
3 Latest Hohe Qualität GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface mit Wifi
Item No.SP163-C
Size/Spec.:- 190.00 1 190.00
Reply #1:  by Essie    9/13/2017 12:55:44 AM   Hello,
good day!
Package 1: 1*SE137: Shiff aus UK, via Hermes international, 3340504635109191
Hermes International:

Package 2: 1*SE135-B and 1*SP163-C will be shipped out via YANWEN express from China.

Your package has been shipped out by YWEN,tracking number is YE111615921CN. You can track it on The shipping time would be about 8-14 working days, Hoping you can get it soon.

So package 2 is still on the way, please wait for it patiently.

Can you send me the licence key file for both the CARS and TRUCKS main.exe.

Here is the codes generated from my laptop -





Please email back to

Thanks and best regards

Reply #1:  by Essie    9/10/2017 11:49:26 PM   Hello Seamus,
we have sent the license.key to your mail, please have a check.
Rüdiger Heidler   Sep 3, 2017
Just orderd , Please send over yanwen

Order AD17090356885

Best regards
Reply #1:  by Essie    9/3/2017 7:25:21 PM   Hello Rüdiger,
good day!
Thanks, we have arranged the shipment via yanwen express for  you this morning, after we get tracking number we will tell you soon.
Codruta Andreea Negoita   Aug 30, 2017
I need you to activate my tool
I have more tha 24 h waiting
what is going on?
Reply #1:  by Essie    8/30/2017 6:27:32 PM   Hello,
please offer us your ID, we will activate for you soon.
Patrick Clerget   Aug 24, 2017

there stand i must send you my activation code.


Thank you very Much
Reply #1:  by Essie    8/25/2017 1:48:27 AM   Hello Patrick,
good day!
I have sent it to you mail as attached file. Our mail is
Florian Dietrich    Aug 23, 2017

habe den oben genannten Artikel bei ihnen gekauft
und er ist heute bei mir angekommen !
nur leider Funktioniert die Cd nicht egal was ich öffnen will es geht nichts auf nur ständig irgend welche Programme auf chinesisch mit den ich nichts anfangen kann !!!
auch das Instalations Video funktioniert nicht
bitte um Aufklärung oder um Rücknahme des Artikels !
und die cd ist auch total verkratzt !!!!

mit freundlichen grüßen

Dietrich Florian

Order Serial No.: DP17081242669
Order Date: Saturday, Aug 12, 2017
Order Total Sum: €119.00
S/N Product Name Price Qty. Subtotal
1 V2015.3 Beste Qualit?t CDP PRO Diagnostic Tool mit Bluetooth Plus Auto und LKW Kabel
Item No.PP176-B
Size/Spec.:- 119.00 1 119.00
Items Total:€119.00
Total Sum:€119.00

Order Status
Status Added Time Comments
Pending Aug 12, 2017 11:40:53 AM
Paid Aug 12, 2017 11:40:57 AM PayPal Express Checkout: EUR119.00
Transaction ID: 7VX77617TF685510J
Transaction Type: expresscheckout
Payment Type: instant
Order Time: 2017-08-12T18:40:54Z
Processing Aug 13, 2017 6:14:08 PM
Reply #1:  by Essie    8/23/2017 7:06:37 PM   Hallo,
tut mir leid.
V2015.3 MEGA:
Passwort: W_XEsOw2Pb5iWFhk1OTlwmEoDss9NMUXxn9GLr3k0FA
Bitte machen Sie unser Video Schritt für Schritt. Wenn es Ihnen sagt, dass Sie ID kopieren möchten, klicken Sie bitte auf "Ctrl + V", um es einzufügen (Nachdem die Fenster herauskommen, öffnen Sie einfach einen neuen txt, dann geben Sie Strg + v auf txt ein, Sie erhalten den vollständigen Code und kopieren ihn dann in mich.)
z.B. 1 + LKtQAIEACnBgIAiLkjTImdBgcBvwO6d57hUg ==) Wir aktivieren und schicken Ihnen die Lizenz für Sie.
1. 2015.3 Tcs cdp + PRO Installation Video für Autos.avi!JBIWTZAK!EOm5-zQCK5uQmcSzxNl-xxgIt6QlWhA7APLT1FL7uug
2. 2015.3 Tcs cdp + PRO Installation Video für LKW.avi!UZQHSKqI!NFiZJWFx1vVibYU0_9TX882mFTp2d5eo20eVgC1Z9ZE
Ibrahim Hassan   Aug 23, 2017
Hi i wait for the paket?
Reply #1:  by Essie    8/23/2017 7:07:57 PM   Hello,
good day!
Your package has been shipped out, the tracking number is 95228135480087, you can check it on!ut/p/b1/jc7NToNAFIbha-ECyDkMjB2X0yqhA1jkx8JsGkSKMMCQ-lO9e9GdaVo9u5M8X_KChMK0CGHo4MKhkIMcy_e2KV9bPZb99y-vdhnBjC8tjiygK1xHNyl6cWxvbq0ZFL-AHxBcX6ebkHoc0cf_7fHM8T_3AmTT68c5dQvyEmYuOQGnsT_gQs2dp4caipktzlZlCCnk6OySjh3CoOpEGjovrLKipLLj7vM4-cp-WB71KKYnRd_2U_whRypqT9RSTW2yMn3qxvveNQ9qSwvNh1w1941hwCB7l6k2etbc-AL_0Kvf/dl4/d5/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/pw/Z7_U20UAB1A08L5C0IPDT0HRR3OU0/act/id=0/p=javax.portlet.action=traceViaShipmentId/349502468996/-/
The delivery usually need 10-17 working days not include weekends, but due to country customs, bad weather and important festivals, it may delay sometimes, for this, please understand and forgive.
And as this pacakge firstly need to be shipped out from China to Herme warhouse, so it wil take some time for them to update online on Hermes tracking web, please kindly note it. Thanks for your understand in advance.
Best Regards
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