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WiFi GM MDI 2 Multiple Diagnostic Interface mit V2020.03 GDS2 Tech2Win Software Sata HDD für Vauxhall Opel Buick und Chevrolet

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3 SP163-E: WiFi GM MDI 2 + Software WiFi GM MDI 2 Multiple Diagnostic Interface mit V2020.03 GDS2 Tech2Win Software Sata HDD für Vauxhall Opel Buick und Chevrolet
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V2020.09 SDC4/C5/Bundle Angebote: v2020.09 SD C4 C5
Win 10 SDC4 HDD SSD is V2020.12 now
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WiFi GM MDI 2 Multiple Diagnostic Interface, unterstützt alle Vauxhall / Opel 16-Pin-Fahrzeuge von 1996 bis 2017. Mit Software GDS 2020.03, unterstützt WIn7, für Vauxhall Opel / Buick und Chevrolet.

WiFi GM MDI 2 Multiple Diagnostic Interface mit V2020.03 GDS2 Tech2Win Software Sata HDD für Vauxhall Opel Buick und Chevrolet

SP163-ES=SP163-E (hardware) + SP163-S1(Software pre-installed on HDD)

GDS2 Software version: V2020.03

GM MDI Manager version: V8.3.103.39


Vauxhall / Opel MDI (Tech 3) OEM Level Diagnostics

HQ GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface

WIFI Version for all GM CHEVROLET BUICK CADILLAC GMC HUMMER PONTIAC SAAB Vauxhall/Opel 16 pin vehicles from 1996 to 2017.

GM MDI 2 is the Multi Diagnostics Interface works as the high-quality Vauxhall/Opel dealer diagnostic interface, used with Global TIS, GDS 2, Tech2Win software on a new laptop.

Die 10 wichtigsten Gründe für den GM MDI 2 Scanner:

1. Programming new keys

2. DTC reading and removal

3. Automatic vehicle recognition

4. More dealer specific functions

5. Setting / removing speed limiters

6. Recordable / playback of live data

7. Complete list of live data streaming for all main ECU

8. New software flash for existing ECU to fix drivability issues

9. Programming and installation of new ECU (PCM, ABS, Instrument cluster, air bag, fuel pumps etc.,)

10. J2534 pass thru offering ECU re-flash and diagnostics for other vehicle manufacturers, when subscribed to their specified software

The J2534 Configuration Application

The Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) is a J2534 device that connects between your computer and the vehicle's J1962 DLC connector for pass-thru

programming of the vehicle's ECU's. The J2534 Configuration Application is installed onto your PC at the same time as the MDI Manager software allowing you to control how your TIS 2 Web application will connect to an MDI. In addition, this application provides API Monitoring controls to aid in investigating problems encountered while using any J2534 devices (including the MDI).

To launch the J2534 Configuration Application from SPS, press the "configuration" button on the Diagnostic settings screen.

Engine Compartment

Check Engine Compartment for components which may be loose; kinked or pinched vacuum hoses or electrical connections, and for any other missing or disconnected components.

Check to assure that hoses and electrical wires are properly routed to provide sufficient clearance with adjacent moving or hot parts.

Observe the movement or freedom of movement of linkage, valves and other components.

Check for unusual noises within the engine compartment.

Visually inspect for seepage and leaks at hoses and pipe connections, seals, gaskets and plugs.

Tighten clamps and connectors as necessary.

Check power steering gear, lines and hoses for leaks and clearance with adjacent panels, moving or hot parts. Tighten clamps and connectors as necessary.

Test engine coolant protection.

Check all fluid levels; engine oil, transmission oil, power steering oil, battery, brake, and cooling system.

Add inspection items as needed:

Check throttle linkage for freedom at wide open and closed throttle.

Check tension on all belts.


Check operation of all interior and exterior lights;

Road Test

During this test, check the following items for proper operation and function.

Road test on a route with road conditions permitting the proper evaluation of squeaks and rattles.

Under Vehicle:

Visually inspect vehicle undercarriage for looseness, missing components and line routing and clipping, and fluid leaks. – Tighten clamps, couplings and connectors as necessary.

Data transfer and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) reprogramming

Shop network communications (LAN and WLAN)

Future expandability, including diagnostic applications

What protocols does the GM MDI 2 support?

For immediate use — At present, vehicles have two buses on the 16 pin connector

(high speed and low speed GMLAN). The GM MDI communicates using all of the existing GM protocols, the same as the GM Tech2:


- Class 2

- KWP2000


Beginning with the 2008 model year vehicles, Pass-Thru will be the only programming method available. (Remote will continue to be available for previous vehicle

GM MDI GDS2 GM MDI gds tech2 win software Sata HDD for Vauxhall Opel/Buick and Chevrolet

System Re: Windows 7 64 bit

Software Version: V2018.09

Update time: GM Global V2018.09

Used for: Both China GM MDI USB version and GM MDI WiFi 2 version scanner

Easy to use: Insert the HDD with GM MDI gds2 software into your computer; the software can be used directly with the GM MDI scanner, which doesn't need activation by users.

GM MDI Multiple Diagnostic Interface scanner will provides the full dealer level diagnostics and programming for all Vauxhall /Opel 16 pin vehicles from 1996 to 2017. The GM MDI diagnosticsoftware gds2 can be installed on 2.5' SATA HDD, with the Win7 Operation System.


Attention please!

* Please make sure your computer supports Win7 64 bits system.

* Computer system requirements: the year after 2008, 4GB RAM

* If computer failed to boot up, please enter BOIS system and change the SATA driver to AHCI.

This is GM MDI scanner with MD MDI2 outlook, please kindly note.


1pc x MDI device

1pc x DLC Cable SAE J1962

1pc x 10-ft. USB A to USB B Cable

1pc x Ethernet Cable

1pc x 500GB GM MDI 2.5" SATA HDD


V2020.09 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star Diagnosis Plus Second Hand Laptop Lenovo X220 I5

V2020.09 MB SD Connect Compact 4 Star mit Lenovo X220 I5

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